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ESMJr-Ellison McKissick Sr-AFosterMcKissick

In the 1950s and 1960s, Alice Manufacturing expanded by building three additional plants. The first, in 1953, was named Elljean, the name representing a combination of Ellison and Jean, the given names of Mr. and Mrs. E.S. McKissick, Sr.  Elljean was the company’s first one-story facility.

In 1955, E. Smyth McKissick, Jr., was named President of the company at the age of 27. His leadership brought the company into the broadcloth market, and the Foster Plant (named after A. Foster McKissick) was built in 1959. The company quickly began producing the finest quality broadcloth and greatly increasing production.

As market demands changed, the flexibility of Alice Manufacturing helped us expand into the polyester-cotton blend market, with the building of the Ellison plant in 1966. Ellison led the company into the production of custom-blended fabrics.